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Overview: Feeding Your Baby is a series of online units that help mothers learn about nutrition for the baby. The goal is to increase breastfeeding rates from birth through 6 months of age.

Mom's answers to questions in each unit form a report that can be printed, emailed or saved on her computer. We recommend that Mom give it to her doctor, nurse or lactation specialist at the next well baby visit. The report will help Mom get the best advice.

Funding: Feeding Your Baby has received grant support from the Massachusetts Vitamin Litigation Award (English version) and the New York State Department of Health’s Obesity Prevention in Pediatric Health Care Settings (OPPHCS) program (Spanish translation).

Confidentiality: Feeding Your Baby does not save any answers. You must print, email or save the report if you want to review your answers later or share them with your health professional. Once you leave our website, your answers are deleted from our server.

Copyright and Use of Content: All contents copyright 2015 Henry Bernstein, DO, MHCM, FAAP for the Breastfeeding Promotion Workgroup at Children's Hospital Boston and the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York OPPHCS Contractor Team, All rights reserved. All information contained within FeedingYourBaby.org is the property of Henry Bernstein, DO, MHCM, FAAP for the Workgroup and OPPHCS team members unless otherwise noted. Duplication of any information contained within the FeedingYourBaby.org for reasons besides personal use requires the expressed written permission of Dr. Bernstein.

Pediatric practitioners are encouraged to use FeedingYourBaby.org content modules in their practice.

Who's Who:
Breastfeeding Promotion Workgroup:

Henry (Hank) Bernstein, DO, MHCM, FAAP
Jill Fulhan, MPH, RD/LDN, IBCLC
Kimberly Barbas, BSN, RN, IBCLC
Donna J. Karl, MS, PNP
Darshak Sanghavi, MD
Jessica Krane, RD
Anne Ramsey, MD
Arlyn Bonfield, MS

Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY OPPHCS Contractor Team:

Henry (Hank) Bernstein, DO, MHCM, FAAP
Pamela Reichert-Anderson, MA, RD
Kara Connors, MPH
Rebecca Schneyer
Catherina Yang

Additional Contributors:

Sunindia Bhalla
Amanda Growdon, MD
Christina Harding
Lisa Swartz, MD

Production Team:

Arlyn Bonfield, Biomedical Media
Roni Chastain, RN
Jeff Haas
Joe Pannoni
Jenny Rufo
Suki Soltysik
Doug Young

Spanish Translation:
Naomi Robbins
Eriksen Translations Inc.

Wendie Sakakeeny (English)
Rosi Amador (Spanish